Linking Organizational Commitment and Organizational Trust in Health Care Organizations



Background and purpose: Health care organizations should apply new methods to motivate their employees be more effective and successful. This can be achieved by commitment to the organization and trusting their managers. Therefore, health care organizations must take care of the commitment and trust aspects in order to have a full knowl­edge of employees and to increase organizational performance and effectiveness. The present study aims to link sub-dimensions of organizational trust and sub-dimensions of organizational commitment of administrative personnel of health care organizations. Methodology: The survey was conducted among 156 administrative personnel in health organizations in Turkey. Sub-dimensions of organizational trust and sub-dimensions of organisational commitment were linked and correlated. Nyhan and Marlowe’s OTI survey was used for the assessment of organizational trust and Meyer’s and Allen’s OCQ for the assessment of organizational commitment. Correlation, Path analysis and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) were used to analyse the data with the help of SPSS and SmartPLS programs. Results: Results suggest that trust in organization has a positive impact on effective organizational commitment and continuance organizational commitment, however, has not impact on normative organizational commitment. Addition­ally, trust in supervisors has a positive impact on affective organizational commitment, continuance organizational commitment and normative organizational commitment. Conclusion: Awareness of organizational trust and commitment can be beneficial to leaders and managers, as they can handle, develop and empower their workers better with this information. Moreover, the key point is that all leaders and managers should focus on creating an atmosphere that will make workers very more committed and trusting, hence, to enable them perform beyond their formal duty requirements. Keywords: Organizational trust; Organizational commitment; Health care organizations, Strategic management

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