Exploring the Cultural, Managerial and Organizational Implications on Mergers and Acquisitions Outcomes

Renato Lopes DA COSTA, Joao MIGUEL, Alvaro DIAS, Leandro PEREIRA, Jose SANTOS


Background/Purpose: This work is focused on the variables that influence the outcomes of mergers and acquisi­tions, by learning from past mistakes, adopt better strategies and make wiser decisions to enhance the outcomes of their mergers and acquisitions. Using a qualitative approach, this research contributes to existing knowledge on mergers and acquisitions performance by exploring the cultural, managerial and organizational factors dimensions through an integrative approach using multiple perspectives. Methodology: Fifteen interviews were conducted with experienced professionals in multiple areas of mergers and acquisitions. Content analysis was used to interpret the results. This enabled to achieve a more complete set of an­swers and potential solutions while comparing opinions on the same problems from slightly different angles. Results: Results show the existence of managerial hubris, emotional attachment and over-optimism in mergers and acquisitions. There was a relative support towards standardizing the process of mergers and acquisitions deals, but respondents advise to keep some creativity and flexibility. Conclusion: The article concludes by addressing key issues for mergers and acquisitions performance: capabilities and experience; organizational communication; internal coordination; and, key issues for decision-making. Keywords: Mergers and acquisitions, Synergies, Culture, Strategy, Growth, Performance.

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