Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct for Using ICT in Education

Franci Pivec


Codes of conduct and codes of ethics are a way of ensuring that positive impact in the community prevails. Tertiary education environments that have standardised ICT management show higher quality of performance if compared to those that have not yet standardised it. Moreover, characteristic of these environments is their strong willingness for change. University is a place of scientific communication and, thus, ICT and especially the Internet represent the entry point into a new developmental phase to which the best universities are strongly dedicated. In this way, ethics returns to the core of the mission undertaken by higher education institutions. Many countries around the world are adopting National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) that have been developed and are continuously updated within the ISTE Association and at the same time represent a code of conduct for students, faculty teachers, administrators and all others involved in high-quality study. Those standards must be supported by codes of ethics as they depend on the compliance with the relevant moral values.

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