Resolving Companies in Crisis: Agile Crisis Project Management



Introduction and purpose: In practice, the existing models of tackling companies’ crises are still lacking effective­ness and efficiency. The agile crisis project management model (ACPM) is based on the crisis project management doctrines, which we upgraded with the principles and methodologies of agile project management. It was developed for the resolution of such crises.
Methods: Relying on scientific knowledge and in accordance with the defined research problem, we decided to use the qualitative research methods while using a method of highly structured interviews for data collection. A com­parative case studies method was used for the comparative comparison of effectiveness and efficiency among the sample companies, which were divided into groups A and B. Companies in group A used the non-project approach, the traditional project, and/or the hybrid non-project–traditional project approach (CM approach) in implementing the planned measures and activities in the restructuring process and/or renovation; companies in group B used the agile project and/or the hybrid agile project–traditional project approach (ACPM approach).
Results: The studied companies facing crises used various implementation approaches for the planned measures and activities within the framework of the crisis solution. The companies using the ACPM approach (group B) com­pleted their restructuring and/or renewal process more quickly and were more effective and efficient after the crisis than during the pre-crisis period. At the same time, their net sales growth was also higher than the growth of com­panies using the CM approach (group A).
Conclusion: The article demonstrates the results of the research, which studied the effectiveness and efficiency of resolving the sample companies’ crises. In accordance with the research results, we conclude that supplementing the crisis project management with an agile project approach when resolving company crises positively affects the efficiency and effectiveness of companies after the crisis.
Keywords: company crisis; crisis management; project management; agile project management

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