IT Governance Mechanisms and Contingency Factors: Towards an Adaptive IT Governance Model



Background and Purpose: In this paper, we aim to propose a guideline for further research towards development of an adaptive strategic IT governance (ITG) model for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The use of IT has the potential to be the major driver for success, as well it provides an opportunity to achieve competitive advantage and support digital transformation. In order to achieve IT benefits, enterprises need an effective and successful ITG model, which follows and adapts to business needs. Available ITG models are too generic and do not differentiate for enterprises of different industry, size, maturity etc.
Methodology: In order to review existing ITG mechanisms, their definitions and identify contingency factors, we performed an extensive literature review (LR). For the initial set of databases, we used the list of journals, which are indexed in the Journal Citation Reports. We also used Web of Science to identify articles with the highest number of citations.
Results: This paper provides the most important definitions of ITG and proposes its comprehensive definition. Next to this, we introduce ITG mechanisms, which are crucial for the effective implementation and use of ITG. Lastly, we identify contingency factors that influence ITG implementation and its use.
Conclusion: Despite extensive research in ITG area, considerable work is still needed to improve understanding of ITG, its definition and mechanisms. Multiple efforts to develop methods for governing IT failed to achieve any signif­icant adoption rate of ITG mechanisms. To enable ITG to become an integral part of Corporate Governance, further research needs to focus on the development of an adaptive strategic ITG model. In this paper, we propose a next step for more practical method for ITG implementation and its use.
Keywords: IT Governance; ITG mechanisms; ITG contingency factors; ITG framework

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