Human Resources Management and Management of Organizational Changes

Boris Bukovec


The article starts with the aspect of success of an individual, organisation and civilisation, continues with key views on changes in organising systems targeting on a human being as an individual. The core part of the text deals with the role of imagination, creativity and selfactualisation of a person and recognising the apparent trend of the movement from a group towards an individual. When managing organisational changes, the key role goes to the management of human resources, where of the utmost importance is the organisational culture where the communication which gives the communicational momentum enables to incorporate innovation and creativity into every single action. The article concludes with the model of a three-level concept of managing changes (self-restoration, self-development, state of the mind) where it is found out that internalisation of the paradigm of self-actualisation represents the key factor as well as the third dimension and the lever for the improvement of the first two. Key words: change management, human resources management, self-actualisation

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